Puffy, fluffy, snow-white cloud-dogs, Samoyeds are a great breed for a family dog! With an alert, playful temperament, they rarely become aggressive and are so friendly that they have earned the nickname of 'smiley dog.'

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Their dense, double layered coat takes frequent grooming and is there to protect the Samoyed from the bitter cold of Siberia, where they originated from. They were first used as reindeer herders for the nomadic Samoyedic peoples, as well as working as sled dogs when on the move. You can still see this instinct in the pups today, they have evolved alongside humans and they love to pull their masters along for a walk!

These active, intelligent dogs are a joy to be around, but they need a responsible and dedicated owner. They require plenty of exercise, especially in their natural environment of cold, harsh winter, and may become destructive if you don't fancy heading out into the snow with them. But their fun-loving, good-natured companionship is well worth the extra effort, and they will keep your family fit and active too.

We here at Bored Panda have put together a list of Samoyeds doing what they do best, being bright, energetic and goofy. Scroll down to check them out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments. Do you have a Samoyed? Would you consider getting one? Join the discussion!

#1 Partners In Crime

Partners In Crime

Catherine Brown Report

Dian Ella Lillie 2 weeks ago

"When the folks go to sleep tonight, we'll lock them in their room and eat all the icecream!"

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#2 At The Time Of Washing He Looks Like A Polar Bear

At The Time Of Washing He Looks Like A Polar Bear

attheisstt Report

Dian Ella Lillie 2 weeks ago

I know that look - "yeah, when you're finished with sending photos to your friends, how about getting me outa here?"

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#6 Our Samoyed Post Colour Run

Our Samoyed Post Colour Run

kimber_whistler Report

justagirl 2 weeks ago

puffy fluffy rainbow dog

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#7 "Gather Around Kids, I Have A Story"

"Gather Around Kids, I Have A Story"


Chris Pitch 2 weeks ago

"A story of how three pigs nearly killed our bloodline"

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#9 When Snoots Collide

When Snoots Collide

zuxtron Report

boredhuman 2 weeks ago


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